Sliding Through Penguin Week

This week we had an amazing time learning about penguins.  We started the week off by talking about what we already knew about penguins (which happend to be a whole lot)!  Then, we worked on our fine motor skills by cutting out a penguin of our own.  Through out the week we did some really fun penguin activities too!  We practiced holding eggs on our feet like a penguin would, we did an interesting science experiment with blubber and we ended the week watching the phenomenal movie, “March of the Penguins.”  While engrossing ourselves with the non fiction information about penguins, the children learned that penguins survive in the Antarctic because of their amazing swimming skills, their layer of blubber to keep them warm, and their keen sense of direction.  Who knew that the penguins could keep their chicks warm by keeping them in their brood pouch?  If you are confused by this, start  your children this week and ask them what a brood pouch is 🙂 


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