Have You seen our Gingerbread Man?

MISSING:  Delicious, brown gingerbread man.  Approximately 10 inches tall.  Last seen on Monday on a pan in the cafeteria kitchen baking in the oven.  Please return to room 203.

This past week, we have a had a great time reading, cooking and tracking down the Gingerbread Man.  On Monday, we read the Gingerbread boy and then proceeded to bake our very own Gingerbread Man.  We gave Ms. Rochelle strict instructions not to open the oven in the cafeteria but she could not resist and out the Gingerbread Man ran.  Ever since, he has been leaving us clues all over the school.  As we continued to search for him through out the week, we read other versions of the Gingerbread Man and used our comprehension skills to compare and contrast the stories.  On Thursday we discovered that in Jan Brett’s version, The Gingerbread Baby the main character, Mattie makes a house to catch the Gingerbread man.  After reading this story, the class concluded that we MUST build a house.

Found: 18 happy children, 1 smiling teacher and a 10 inch Gingerbread Man inside his home in room 203 🙂

The following is the SIMPLE recipe to make gingerbread that I used with the class.  I did not even cool the dough before I cooked it and it still turned out great! http://www.cooks.com/rec/view/0,1710,155181-252195,00.html


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