Bat Week at Ogden School


As I am sure you have already heard, bat week was so much fun in room 203!  We started the week out by learning that bats use their ears to see.  On Monday, we went out into the courtyard and played a fun game of “echolocation”.  One child was blindfolded and had to say, “echo” and then the other children called back, “location!”  The child that was blindfolded had to find one of his/her other bat friends.  The children requested this game for the remainder of the week!  We also took the time to become mammologists and we studied the differences between mega bats and micro bats.  We learned that the easiest way to tell them apart was by their noses and ears.

Some of the interesting bat facts that we found out were the following:

Bats eat up to 1,000 insects in one day

Bats are nocturnal

Some bats eat fruit while others eat insects

Baby Bats are called pups

Of course one of room 203’s favorite parts of the entire week was wearing our bat T-shirts.  Unfortunately it rained so we could not go out to the playground and hang upside down but we made the best of it by flying from place to place throughout the day!


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