Apple Week!

applesLast week, we learned about apples!  Although many of the children had opinions as to whether or not they liked apples, we dug deeper to learn the history of apples as well as how apples are formed.  Many of your children will tell you that we learned about how John Chapman, or better known as Jonnie Appleseed, helped to spread apple orchards all over our country.  Did you know that when a seed is planted from an apple the apples that grow on that tree may not be the same?  We learned this week that it is very hard to grow certain apples!  We also learned that an apple starts off as a flower on an apple tree and turns into an apple.  Apples can be stored up to a year before they are actually sold in stores! 

We not only learned interesting facts about apples, but we also had fun working with apples in the classroom.  We predicted the weight of our apples by finding something in the classroom that we thought would weigh the same amount.  We also learned that an apple can be a small red house with no doors and no windows and a star inside!  We cut open our apples to see if this was true!

One of the best parts of apple week was when we made our very own applesauce.  Check the pictures section to find the recipe of our applesauce!


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